Insensitivity on Funerals

We all have felt grieve at some point in our lives, but when it comes to handling the person in the process of grieving we surely lack the humanity. What actually is grieve? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Grieve is to feel or express extreme sadness especially when someone dies. There aren't any criteria define of... Continue Reading →


Equity NOT Equality!

Lately, I have observed an imbecile trends going around a lot in the name of "Feminism". For all those who are thinking that I'm against feminism, the answer is no but neither I support it blindly. Alhumdulillah every person is gifted with a mind to think collectively on the pros and cons of every aspect... Continue Reading →

Let them go

Eyes closed. Mind running in circles. I remember sitting on the praying mat but my body posture was denying it. I don't know how long I was in the state of prostration. It wasn't the first time I was in that state. Whenever I feel alone and want to talk to my only friend "HADI"... Continue Reading →

I Love you, Amma.

Sunday, March 18th, a normal routine day. I was busy doing household chores when I heard WhatsApp message tone. It was a message from "my mother from another family" I would have said MOTHER IN LAW, but belonging to the subcontinent and listening to the stories related to the name I always disliked it. As... Continue Reading →

Children or Celldren

Imagine a perplex situation where the parents of a year and a half old child were spellbound and in a complete denial. The child who still cannot speak did unlock a mobile, guided her way to YouTube and selected the nursery rhyme she wanted to listen. This isn't just a story of a single home or a single... Continue Reading →

Time to change.

Recently I came across an astounding trend on social media and day by day it seems to grow. It is the trend to look thinner and thinner as much as possible and believe it my whole news feed was flooding with pictures of weight transformations.....

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